Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 12

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Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 12

Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 12

Word List

  1. absolve
    (v.) to clear from blame, responsibility, or guilt
  2. incisive
    (adj.) sharp, keen, penetrating (with a suggestion of decisiveness and effectiveness)
  3. caricature
    (n.) a representation, such as a drawing, that exaggerates a subject’s characteristic features;(v.) to present someone or something in a deliberately distorted way
  4. inimical
    (adj.) tending to cause harm or obstruct developments; being oppositional or adverse
  5. clangor
    (n.) a loud ringing sound; (v.) to make a loud ringing noise
  6. ostentatious
    (adj.) marked by conspicuous or pretentious display, showy
  7. contiguous
    (adj.) side by side, touching; near; adjacent in time
  8. paragon
    (n.) a model of excellence or perfection
  9. cupidity
    (n.) an eager desire for something; greed
  10. politic
    (adj.) prudent, shrewdly conceived and developed; artful, expedient
  11. deleterious
    (adj.) harmful, injurious
  12. prosaic
    (adj.) dull, lacking in distinction and originality; matter-of-fact, straightforward; characteristic of prose, not poetic
  13. enhance
    (v.) to raise to a higher degree; to increase the value or desirability of
  14. redundant
    (adj.) extra, excess, more than is needed; wordy, repetitive; profuse, lush
  15. enthrall
    (v.) to captivate, charm, hold spellbound; to enslave; to imprison
  16. sanctimonious
    (adj.) making a show of virtue or righteousness; hypocritically moralistic or pious, self-righteous, canting, holier-than-thou
  17. extenuate
    (v.) to lessen the seriousness or magnitude of an offense by making partial excuses
  18. scintillating
    (adj., part.) sparkling, twinkling, exceptionally brilliant (applied to mental or personal qualities)
  19. implicit
    (adj.) implied or understood though unexpressed; without doubts or reservations, unquestioning; potentially contained in
  20. winsome
    (adj.) charming, attractive, pleasing (often suggesting a childlike charm and innocence)

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