Periods Grammar Quiz for 1st Grade

Periods Grammar Quiz for 1st Grade

Periods Grammar Quiz for 1st Grade


Welcome to our comprehensive Periods Grammar Quiz designed specifically for 1st graders! This interactive multiple-choice quiz will put your students' punctuation skills to the test while making learning fun and engaging.

For teachers, this quiz serves as an invaluable tool to assess students' understanding of using periods in sentences. It provides an easy way to identify areas where students may need additional practice, allowing for targeted instruction and reinforcement. Additionally, the interactive format keeps students actively engaged, enhancing their retention and comprehension of the topic.

For students, this quiz offers an exciting opportunity to practice their punctuation skills in a game-like setting. They will encounter various sentence scenarios and be challenged to select the correct placement of periods. By actively participating in the quiz, students can strengthen their understanding of periods and improve their overall writing skills.

Join us in this educational adventure as we explore the world of periods and help 1st graders become punctuation masters!


  1. A period is a punctuation mark used at the end of a sentence to indicate a complete thought.
    Example: "I like to play with my friends."
  2. Ending Statements:
    Periods are used to mark the end of declarative statements or statements that make statements or express facts.
    Example: "The cat is sleeping."
  3. Abbreviations:
    Periods are used in abbreviations to show shortened forms of words or phrases.
    Example: "Mr. Smith is coming over for dinner."
  4. Initials:
    Periods are used in between initials when referring to a person's name.
    Example: "J. K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series."
  5. Imperative Sentences:
    Periods are used in imperative sentences, which give commands or make requests.
    Example: "Clean your room."
  6. Interrogative Sentences:
    Periods are not used in interrogative sentences that ask questions. Instead, a question mark is used.
    Example: "Did you eat breakfast?"
  7. Exclamatory Sentences:
    Periods are not used in exclamatory sentences that express strong emotions or excitement. Instead, an exclamation mark is used.
    Example: "What a beautiful day!"

Periods Grammar Quiz for 1st Grade

Read each group of words. Select the correct sentence.
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