Possessive Pronouns Grammar Quiz for 6th Grade

Possessive Pronouns Grammar Quiz for 6th Grade

Possessive Pronouns Grammar Quiz for 6th Grade


Are you ready to test your knowledge of possessive pronouns? Look no further! In this interactive multiple-choice quiz, designed specifically for 6th graders, you will have the opportunity to showcase your understanding of possessive pronouns.

This grammar quiz is an engaging and educational resource for both teachers and students alike. Teachers can utilize this quiz to assess their students' grasp of possessive pronouns, identify areas for improvement, and tailor their instruction accordingly. It provides a quick and convenient way to evaluate student progress.

For students, this quiz offers an interactive learning experience that reinforces their understanding of possessive pronouns. By engaging with various quiz questions and selecting the correct possessive pronouns, students can strengthen their grammar skills in an enjoyable manner. It allows them to practice identifying and using possessive pronouns accurately.

Whether you are a teacher seeking a valuable assessment tool or a student looking to enhance your grammar proficiency, this Possessive Pronouns Grammar Quiz is here to support you. So, put your knowledge to the test and have fun while mastering possessive pronouns!


  1. Possessive pronouns are used to show ownership or possession. They replace nouns to indicate that something belongs to someone or something.
    Examples of possessive pronouns include mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs.
  2. Possessive pronouns do not require apostrophes when indicating possession. Possessive pronouns can stand alone or modify nouns.
    That pencil is mine. (Mine replaces the noun "pencil" to show ownership)
    Is this book yours? (Yours replaces the noun "book" to indicate possession)
    The red bike is hers. (Hers modifies the noun "bike" to show ownership)
    These toys are ours. (Ours replaces the noun "toys" to indicate possession)
    The keys are theirs. (Theirs replaces the noun "keys" to show ownership)
  3. Remember, possessive pronouns are used to indicate ownership or possession without the need for an apostrophe.

Possessive Pronouns Grammar Quiz for 6th Grade

Decide if the underlined possessive pronoun is correct. Select the right answer.
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