The Four Types of Sentences Grammar Quiz for 6th Grade

The Four Types of Sentences Grammar Quiz for 6th Grade

The Four Types of Sentences Quiz for 6th Grade


Welcome to our blog post on "The Four Types of Sentences Quiz for Grade 6"! Learning grammar can be challenging, but it's an essential part of developing strong writing skills. Our interactive quiz will test your knowledge of declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. Designed specifically for Grade 6 students, this quiz is perfect for teachers looking for engaging ways to teach grammar or for students looking to review and test their understanding of the four types of sentences. Get ready to have fun and test your grammar skills with our quiz!


Hey there, 6th graders! Let's dive into the exciting world of sentences and discover the four types that will level up your writing skills. Get ready for a captivating journey! 🚀

Declarative Sentences: These sentences are all about making statements. They provide information or express opinions. When you use a declarative sentence, you're simply stating something as a fact. For example, "The sun shines brightly during the day." Declarative sentences end with a period.

Interrogative Sentences: Interrogative sentences are all about asking questions. They help you gather information or seek clarification. These sentences begin with question words like "who," "what," "where," "when," "why," or "how." For instance, "What is your favorite color?" Interrogative sentences always end with a question mark.

Imperative Sentences: Imperative sentences are like commands or requests. They tell someone what to do or give directions. When using an imperative sentence, you're giving an order or making a polite request. For example, "Clean your room!" or "Please pass me the salt." Imperative sentences usually end with a period, but exclamation marks can be used for stronger emphasis.

Exclamatory Sentences: Exclamatory sentences are all about expressing strong emotions or excitement. They help you convey surprise, joy, anger, or any intense feeling. Exclamatory sentences often start with words like "what" or "how" and end with an exclamation mark. For instance, "What a beautiful sunset!" or "How amazing that performance was!"

So, these are the four types of sentences you'll encounter in your English language journey. Declarative sentences state facts, interrogative sentences ask questions, imperative sentences give commands or requests, and exclamatory sentences express strong emotions. Each type has its own unique purpose, allowing you to communicate effectively and express yourself in different ways. Keep practicing and mastering the art of crafting sentences!

A. Decide the type of each sentence below. Select the correct answer.

B. Is the punctuation in each sentence below correct? Select the right answer.

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