Action Words Grammar Quiz for 1st Grade

Action Words Grammar Quiz for 1st Grade

Action Words Grammar Quiz for 1st Grade


Verbs are vital to sentence construction in writing and speaking. This article provides an interactive grammar quiz to help 1st graders master identifying and using action words or verbs. Through clear explanations and engaging examples, students will learn to pick out verbs in sentences. We also give them a chance to construct original sentences using verbs to cement their learning. With quiz questions and practice exercises, young learners will gain confidence understanding and applying these essential “action words.” Our goal is to make grammar practice lively and fun. Let's build strong verb skills!


    Let's see how well you know action words! Action words, also called verbs, show what people or things are doing. For example,

    • Jump, talk, play, think

    I will say a sentence. Pick the action word in the sentence.

    • The dog barks loudly. (Barks)
    • He runs fast. (Runs)
    • The airplane flies in the sky. (Flies)

    Great job finding the action words! Now it's your turn to make a sentence with an action word.

    • You slept in late today. (Slept)

    Fantastic! You're an action word pro! Learning about verbs will help you write and speak well.

    Action Words Grammar Quiz for 1st Grade

    Read each sentence. Select the action word.
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