Exclamations and Commands Grammar Quiz for 2nd Grade

Exclamations and Commands Grammar Quiz for 2nd Grade

Exclamations and Commands Grammar Quiz for 2nd Grade


Does your 2nd grader struggle with properly punctuating exclamations and commands? This interactive blog post offers a fun multiple-choice grammar quiz to help them master identifying and writing these important sentence types. Through clear explanations, vivid examples, and engaging activities, young learners will grasp when to use an exclamation point versus a period. With practice constructing exclamative and imperative sentences, students will gain confidence applying this key punctuation skill. Let’s make sentence grammar fun!


Exclamations express strong feelings and end with an exclamation point. For example,
  • I love pizza!
  • Woohoo, we won!
Commands give an order and end with a period. For example,
  • Clean your room.
  • Be quiet.
Now it's your turn. Is this an exclamation or command?
  • Yuck, I hate spinach! (Exclamation)
Fantastic job! You've got this grammar down.

Exclamations and Commands Grammar Quiz for 2nd Grade

Read each exclamation. If it is written correctly, select the last choice. If not, select the correct way to write it


Q: What are exclamations and commands?
A: Exclamations express strong feelings and end with! Commands give orders and end with. (1).

Q: What are some tips for identifying exclamations and commands?
A: Listen for the intent - exclamations are excited, and commands are ordered. Also, look at the punctuation (2).

Q: Can you provide some examples?
A: Exclamations: Wow, that's amazing! I love this song! Commands: Quiet down. Stop shouting. (3)

Q: Why teach exclamations and commands in 2nd grade?
A: Mastering these sentence types and punctuation builds critical grammar and writing skills (4).


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