Types of Sentences; Capital I Grammar Quiz for 2nd Grade

Types of Sentences; Capital I Grammar Quiz for 2nd Grade

Types of Sentences; Capital I Grammar Quiz for 2nd Grade


Introduction: Does your 2nd grader struggle identifying different types of sentences and using capital I correctly? This interactive blog post offers a fun multiple-choice grammar quiz to help them master sentence types and capitalization rules. Through clear explanations, vivid examples, and engaging activities, young learners will grasp when to use periods, question marks, exclamation points, and capital letters. With practice constructing all types of sentences and capitalizing properly, students will gain confidence applying these key writing skills. Let’s make sentence grammar fun!


Let's see if you can identify different sentence types and capital I usage!

Telling sentences end with a period. Questions have a question mark. Exclamations have an exclamation point. Commands end with a period too.


Telling Sentence:

  • I went to the park with my friends.
  • Dogs have four legs.
  • Apples are red.

Question Sentence:

  • Are you ready for lunch?
  • Where did my shoe go?
  • What is your favorite food?

Exclamation Sentence:

  • I love summer vacation!
  • Yay, it's my birthday today!
  • Woohoo, we won the game!

Command Sentence:

  • Please feed the dog.
  • Close the door quietly.
  • Bring me my backpack.

The pronoun I is always capitalized. For example,

  • I went to the park.

Now it's your turn! Is this sentence capitalized correctly:

  • i love ice cream!

Great job! You're a capitalization pro!

Types of Sentences; Capital I Grammar Quiz for 2nd Grade

Read each sentence. If it is written correctly, select the last bubble. If not, select the bubble next to the correct way to write it.


Q: What are the different types of sentences?
A: The four main types are telling, question, exclamation, and command. Each has its own punctuation. (1)

Q: When do you capitalize I?
A: The pronoun I is always capitalized when referring to oneself. For example, I, I'm, I'll. (2)

Q: Why is capitalization important?
A: Correct capitalization of I and starting sentences helps writing be clear and proper. It's a key writing skill. (3)

Q: How can I help my 2nd grader practice capital I?
A: Having them rewrite sentences correctly and identify errors builds capitalization skills. (4)


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